Quirkiness needed

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I READ with interest your excellent article alerting readers to the series of break-ins to Worthing businesses.

As one of the victims of these attacks – Green Cuisine Restaurant in Rowlands Road – I would applaud both your paper for publicising these crimes and the local police for their promptness, efficiency, professionalism and support.

I could not fault the police service, but I am given to understand that the Sussex police are understaffed and not recruiting at the moment.

It would appear that we are living in a town where parking your car incorrectly is considered a worse crime than breaking into someone’s house or business.

Let me ask readers – last time you were in town, how many traffic wardens did you see and how many police officers did you see?

Call it Tesco Town, call it Santander City or just plain Sunny Worthing, BUT, if this town is going to recover, then more support is needed for individual, unique, local businesses.

We need to encourage the quirky and the artistic and celebrate Worthing talent and initiatives.

We need to welcome people into our town, yet instead, visitors are greeted by empty shops and parking fines. At Green Cuisine we are led by values and ethics – not by money or profiteering.

Clare McIvor

chef director

Green Cuisine Restaurant