‘Real distress’

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Your letters

It was with real distress that I read again in last week’s Herald about an accident on the Long Furlong.

The report further enforces the need for a change in attitudes in the area, to road speeds and driving habits.

Councillor Robin Rogers has suggested that double white lines would be a quick and low-cost safety measure. However, the paper quotes an unnamed county council spokesman using Department for Transport guidelines saying that ‘Motorists would still suffer the frustration of being stuck behind slow moving vehicles and, as they do not always obey restrictions, there would certainly be some who would continue to overtake’.

One has to ask what sort of moronic individual feels that driving slowly along that road could possibly cause frustration when there is a dual-carriageway at either end to enable overtaking.

The reason that I felt compelled to write in National Road Safety Week is that last week I attended the Worthing County Local Committee meeting to discuss the proposed 20mph speed restrictions for Worthing.

Councillor Steven Waight made the comment that that the residents had the intelligence to be able to make informed decisions.

I would question that – when it comes to driving in this part of Sussex, drivers do not seem to show adequate intelligence to make even

the most basic of safety decisions.

Worthing is unique in the country in its regular rejection of all aspects of town developments, be it safety-related or not, in favour of car use.

Unfortunately, the attitude of drivers in this small town has been allowed to get out of hand as, relatively speaking, Worthing does not suffer the problems, congestion and parking restrictions of many other towns of a similar size.

For that, I suppose, we should be grateful.

However, these favourable driving conditions have led to an unreasonable priority for the car and are holding back the town’s development as a nice place to either bring up children or retire to, and keeps us top of the table in the county with the worst road safety record.

JP Saville

The Heights


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