Reckless disregard

THE outrage experienced by the mayor at the council’s decision to charge her £600 for the charity swim (as reported on your October 20 front page) strikes an exact chord with me, having attended the farcical planning meeting on the same day.

Notwithstanding the eloquent submissions made by several knowledgeable speakers critically aware of the range of problems which bedevil this West Durrington development scheme, further accompanied by an anxious audience of like-minded and supportive residents, the meeting concluded with what appeared to be little more than a nonchalant and nodded decision to proceed with this ghastly enterprise.

It showed reckless disregard of established and informed opinion concerning grave issues such as heavy rainfall cascading off the Downs upon a high water table, as well as dangerous traffic levels of the future moving along gridlocked roads, without reference to additional detrimental factors.

Bryan Newall

New Road