Redesign buses

AS a frequent user of the buses it is becoming apparent that they need to be redesigned.

Many of the travellers have bus passes and use walking aids and shopping trolleys.

Many parents use the bus with pushchairs and older children.

Most buggies do not appear able to be folded and many trolleys cannot.

Today, I travelled on a bus with two buggies, four metal trolleys and three folding ones.

This meant that many people had to stand although there were seats. It also means your feet are damaged by buggies/trolleys.

Stagecoach need to redesign the buses taking out the front seats in order to accommodate the luggage.

The situation when a wheelchair user gets on is even worse. As the population gets older, the situation will get worse. Come on, Stagecoach – take the seats out and make life a little easier.

S. Humphreys

Meadow Road