Reduce the prices

I HAVE to agree wholeheartedly with your correspondents in this week’s paper regarding the finances (or lack of) for Worthing theatres, in particular the gentleman who says that if prices were reduced then bums would be on seats. Every time the lovely glossy brochure arrives from the theatres, I peruse through and find at least eight or nine shows I would love to see, but finances dictate that I am lucky if I manage to go to two or three of these (not counting films), surely it would be better if the theatre was full at £15 a ticket (and a slightly more generous concession rate would be good, a pound or two is hardly likely to have pensioners out in their droves is it?), than a quarter full at £25?

Not only would it make for a better atmosphere, but, surely, most of these people would either have an ice cream or drink in the interval, and maybe a bag of sweets before they went in? It must be worth a trial at any rate.

Wendy Taylor

Manor Road