Reduced speed is essential

The number of people killed on Britain’s roads increased by three per cent in 2011.

Pedestrains killed rose by 12 per cent to 453, with the biggest increase among children and the over-60s.

So what is causing the increase?

Perhaps it is an increase in the number of people who use a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

Or people who use alcohol and drugs and drive.

Or people who drive without sufficient care and attention.

Or people who drive just a little too fast on residential roads and are unable to stop when someone, for whatever reason, gets in their way.

Like the Government, I believe the issue of road safety is important, and I believe 20mph should be the default speed limit on all residential roads, including those in Worthing.

The consultation on 20mph in Chichester found that 77 per cent of those who responded supported a default 20mph speed limit across the city.

In Worthing, West Sussex County Council is proposing to consult on a 20mph scheme for just six of the town’s 13 wards.

I wonder in which wards people were deemed to be less in need of better road safety.

I think it is essential for everyone who supports a default 20mph speed limit for Worthing’s residential roads to contact their county councillor, make their wishes known and ensure they take part in any consultation process.

E. Stevens

St Lawrence Avenue,