Register agreement

I WOULD like to register my agreement with, and congratulations to Richard Kingshott for his letter published in the Herald (May 10) regarding attempts to have the colourful mural removed from above Feast sandwich shop, and the extension of the CPZ in Worthing.

The mural itself has not damaged the fabric of the building on which it has been painted, and adds a little colour and vibrancy so lacking from our town. I would wholeheartedly support similar murals, such as those found in the pedestrian underpass at the North Street junction with Chapel Road. And on the hoardings surrounding the new Aquarena development site, where once uninteresting, graffiti-strewn walls have been brightened up with many wonderful pictures by local artists keen on improving the image of our community!

As for the CPZ, having lived both within and just outside its confines myself, I have heard visitors complaining of excessively high parking charges, and residents complaining of not only having to pay to park outside their own homes, but also that areas outside of the profit bubble that is the CPZ are clogged with vehicles taking up residents’ parking spaces.

For some reason, in recent years, people have begun to park their vehicles, apparently with total impunity, on pedestrian footpaths, forcing pedestrians not only to weave in and out of inconsiderately parked vehicles in order to give way to other pedestrians, but also increasing the issue of dog fouling by reducing the amount of space available for avoiding dog mess left by other inconsiderate people too lazy to clear up after their pets.

And as Mr Kingshott says, precious little money is now passed on to maintaining public highways. I’d be willing to bet that the bosses of the parking enforcement company drive nice big shiny cars and complain when infrastructure is not up to scratch!

On a completely different subject, I would also like to thank the Herald for publicising my efforts to raise money for Ashdown Respite Centre on May 12. By the time this letter goes to press I will have completed the event, but donations can still be made at: or by texting FQFW £1 to 70070 for up to three months afterwards.

Thank you so much to all those lovely, generous people who have already given and to my wife Claire and colleague Jane Bryder, who have really gone out of their way to help.

Toby Wilson

Oakleigh Road

East Worthing