Reliance on technology has created a lack of sense

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In response to Katy Brody’s letter (Fines fair? March 21) I feel compelled to make a few, simple, observations.

This brave, new world of the internet, twitter, email, etc., seems to have produced a generation of people who are totally incapable of using their own resources without these, admittedly clever and useful, aids.

Is it now beyond the wit of an individual to use their common sense? It would have been made extremely clear at the time of withdrawal of these books when they were due to be returned.

This detail would also have been noted on the books themselves, so memory alone would not have been required. If this person was so dependent on electronic devices to get through the day, surely they could have programmed in a reminder on their computer?

To depend entirely on someone else prompting you to do something as basic as returning a library book and then bleating about how unfair it is that they should actually be penalised for simply not bothering to check for themselves, seems to be symptomatic of a much bigger problem – a complete lack of personal responsibility.

The level of care this person obviously needs seems more appropriate for a five-year-old. I can only sympathise with the staff of Worthing Library at having to deal with this level of dependency – it must be very frustrating.

Sue Gillespie

Howard Street