Remember the library and you won’t need a reminder

Shock horror! In your letters pages on March 21, Katy Brody received a £10 fine for overdue books and says “so, now, I am not going to use my local library, instead I am going buy my books second hand on Amazon. A quick, less expensive and much more up-to-date resource of books”.

Cheap, yes, out of date, yes, postage, yes, add that to the library charges in your council tax, tell me where the cheap, up-to-date second-hand books come in.

I would suggest another book you should consider but it might be considered as advertising. It’s strange that you state you pay your council tax on time without obviously the need for the council to send a reminder, yet you want the library to email you a reminder.

Let’s say they did, and you never looked at your emails for a week, not expecting any, would you then complain about running up extra fine time and ask why they never sent you a reminder to remind you to look at their reminder, reminding you to return the books?

The time spent on sending you a reminder to look at the reminder, reminding you to return the books to the library cost time and material and would be surprised if any sort of profit is generated from fines, they are so low.

The answer is get them back on time and you’ll have nothing to worry about, no fine to pay and more money in your purse. I bet you wouldn’t need reminding to take a hire car back.

Could someone send me a reminder, I type two lines and forget where I’m at, and now getting this far I’ve forgotten what it’s about.

R. Whiting

Hayling Rise