Rescued after a fall

PLEASE may I say a big thank-you to the staff of the HMV shop in the Montague Centre and to the lovely lady who helped my dear father on Wednesday, March 9, when he fell.

I was with my parents and we’d got split up. Mum and I found dad had fallen outside the shop and was being cared for by the above.

I didn’t get the lady’s name but she was a great help and very kind.

Also, thanks to the ambulance crew and the staff of A and E at Worthing Hospital for their kind attention.

Dad is now home recouping with a fractured collar bone and a cut eye, but otherwise happy to be home.

I have been in and seen the staff of HMV and thanked them.

It’s nice to know that when something like this happens, help is there.

Sue Rudge

Oak Close