Residents get a say

I WAS very pleased to see that, at last, popular opinion is being taken into account when setting speed limits in our town’s streets.

At last, local residents will have a say about how fast motor vehicles should be allowed to drive down the streets where they live, work, and shop.

For the last 10 years, surveys carried out by the Department for Transport have shown 70 to 80 per cent of people in favour of 20mph limits in streets (

For 2010, their report says: “The majority, (71 per cent) of respondents, were in favour or strongly in favour of speed limits of 20mph in residential streets.”

I’m not sure why Chief Inspector Pollard thinks that not being able to enforce a limit is a reason for not having it. Would he rather we dispensed with the existing 30mph and 40mph limits? Those aren’t enforced much, either! He might be interested to know that ACPO is in favour of 20mph limits, to increase road safety and thus save police time dealing with crashes.

Similarly, firefighter Mr Ross seems to think that we should not have safer speeds because a few people drive impatiently and dangerously fast. Would he agree that being hit on his bike by a car doing 25mph in a 20 limit would be significantly less damaging to his shoulder than being hit by a car doing 35mph in a 30 limit?

In continental Europe, streets commonly have a 30kmh limit, which translates into 18mph. I don’t know why UK drivers should be allowed to drive 50 per cent faster than this, creating real danger in our streets.

Anthony Cartmell

Greentrees Crescent