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Having read the recent article by Oliver Poole about the need for a lay-by in Romany Road, it seems to me that Tesco has dominated the situation with the local residents losing out again.

We must remember that the development of the Tesco store was not carried out for the benefit of local residents but for the benefit of the company. It was obvious to all of us, that there would be an increase in traffic along New Road and Romany Road. With the close proximity of a pedestrian crossing and two bus stops a child could see that gridlock would ensue frequently. And so it does.

The Pulse and other bus services are excellent but one of the stops is undoubtedly in an unsuitable position.

Of course, inconsiderate motorists do not help, but the design of the road layout is completely wrong. Why was Tesco allowed to refuse the bus routes into the store car park? If the original plan was for the buses to stop within Tesco’s car park then that should have happened.

That’s not the only problem however with this development.

The roundabout at the entrance/exit to Tesco is in any event too small and a serious accident waiting to happen. Vehicles leave the Tesco car park at speed without any consideration for those of us that use Tasman Way. I have had numerous near misses with outbound drivers from Tesco assuming I am entering Tesco even though I am not indicating as such. Others have tried to overtake me on the roundabout, again assuming I am entering Tesco.

I am unclear what road access will be available to the residents of the new development. If Tasman Way is a bus access only to the new development then I assume that Fullbeck Way will be the nearest entrance. Fullbeck Way is on Tesco property. As such it is not subject to normal traffic regulation and is a very dangerous road. The speed limit appears to be 30mph right into the car park with so called crossings un-signed.

This development and the changes that were required to local roads demonstrates why so many of us have no faith or confidence in local planning and control of projects.

On the bright side I thank Asda and Sainsbury’s stores for taking customers away from Tesco. That in itself seems to have helped to mitigate the impact on the roads in the Tesco store area.

John Deeprose

Adelaide Close


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