Residents need to have a say

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Your letters

Anthony Cartmell is completely in favour of 20 is Plenty, while I am equally opposed to it.

However I do agree with him that only residents should be able to vote on it. The danger as I see it, is that the Plenty’s enthusiasts are well organised, and they would drum up all of their fellow conspirators outside to vote.

Anthony also wrote that drivers effectively set the speed limits, as they are based on the average speed of cars through the area, so local residents had no say at all. This implies that residents don’t have cars and so don’t have a say. The small minority of non car owners have probably not passed a driving test and don’t fully understand the implications.

The 20’s Plenty people rely on the gullible for their support. We have seen in the photos of Duncan and his supporters that there are usually several children amongst them. I have heard that he is even visiting schools to get the support of school children. Surely they won’t be allowed to vote? Perhaps the idea is to use pester power to get their parents’ support.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue,


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