Response to gaps

WE did not intend to make any comment on the spate of letters concerning the Worthing County Local Committee (CLC) decision to close the gaps on The Boulevard, but in view of the continued correspondence we feel it is necessary to correct some mis-conceptions.

In April, 2010, the CLC agreed without dissension the closing of the gaps was the top priority out of over 50 Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), as “the gap closures on The Boulevard were very necessary because there had been several accidents there.”

All nine members of the CLC including the local member were present.

When the time came to authorise the TRO in October 2011 there were a number of letters of objection from local residents and the local member had reconsidered his support for closure.

In view of the importance this TRO was given previously, the officers were asked to come back with a fresh report which they duly presented to the July, 2012, meeting.

The officers again recommended closure of the gaps, as did the police who had maintained their stance from the outset.

The fact there were no recent accidents we considered fortuitous and there was no guarantee the gaps had suddenly become safe for the future.

Both the undersigned are “non-drivers” but we do not feel that in any way precludes us from the decision.

The CLC chairman has no children but we still respect his right to decide on school governors.

Irene Richards –WSCC member for Worthing East

Alan Rice – WSCC member for Broadwater