Restaurants not near to hospital

HAS Mrs McBrien really thought before writing her letter about the Worthing Hospital restaurant?

She claims Worthing has plenty of restaurants, but how far are they from the hospital?

I use the restaurant from time-to-time, it is always busy, certainly popular with staff. Also what about visitors from out of the area who perhaps do not know Worthing and the whereabouts of those “very good restaurants” which she obviously prefers.

In September, I managed a charity stall for six days at the hospital. I left home about 8am and got back about 7pm.

I was very pleased to be able to buy a cooked lunch. During the day, we bought drinks from the tea bars, but they are limited in what they offer.

I seem to remember that the original staff restaurant was destroyed, so the new restaurant actually meets a real need for staff and visitors.

Furthermore, the staff working in the restaurant are very friendly and the meals provided are of a high standard.

Mrs McBrien also makes the point that she will probably not use the restaurant – ever! In other words, just because she does not want it, it is not necessary – perhaps she should try showing consideration for others.

There again, should she need treatment, what will her reaction be when told sorry, the staff have gone into town to find a restaurant!

Ian Spilling

Greystone Avenue