‘Ridiculous’ Shoreham riverbank work must have cost a fortune – and is already in need of repair

The railings on Shoreham Beach
The railings on Shoreham Beach

We have lived opposite and watched the work being carried out to the riverbank path at the eastern end leading to the houseboats, and we are at a loss to comprehend who planned the ridiculous overall design.

The railings are all chrome, and will rust within a few months due to the sea air, but more importantly the fancy design of thin chrome railing strips, which must have cost a fortune, are totally unsuitable.

We have spotted several children standing on these within days of the work finishing, and they have of course bent.

Even worse, an overweight man who had been digging for bait decided to climb back onto the path, and he broke one section completely.

This no more than a couple of weeks after the work was completed. Today, repairs are being carried out. Several men once again standing looking confused, and at what cost I wonder ?

This is a very popular walkway used by the public, and many walking groups.

So after depositing tons of soil for a supposed flower bed, what do we get? We get a few handfuls of grass seed, as they have ‘run out of money’. We the public have far more common sense, and could save thousands of pounds of public funds if we had a say.

One final observation. Forty, 50, maybe more hand-made flower boxes have been placed on the new flood defence walls, and a few plants placed in every box. These will soon be full of weeds, and must have cost a fortune. What a farce.

David Graves

Riverside, Shoreham Beach


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