Road resurfacing

I JUST wanted to report my concerns over Worthing Council resurfacing the roads.

A section of the Littlehampton Road just past Tesco express has just been covered in that very cheap, nasty stone stuff.

I have been hit in the face this afternoon by the flying stones from a car.

It’s really unsafe for anyone to walk along, and not only that, I had my windscreen cracked by the stones the day before.

If you take a walk along the road, you will notice stones all over the pavement and the road and there, and they’re not small. This type of surface is cheap and relies on the cars to bed it down. It’s also a very loud surface compared to Tarmac, so traffic is a lot louder.

Personally, I think there was no need to relay it, as it was fine. I just wanted to show my concern as this stuff is dangerous and not only that, it wrecks people’s lovely car with stone chips.

I am also a bike rider and the year before my front wheels washed out in the stuff when turning into a junction.

I know it’s cheaper than Tarmac, but really it’s just a nasty sight to look at. Even Broadwater Road looks nasty now compared to what it did before.

Mark Owen

Sunningdale Road