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Your letters

The 20’s Plenty campaign has a single vision of blaming the motorist for all accidents, and their sole aim was to firefight all the issues and problems on our roads by reducing speed limits.

The 20’s Pointless effort raised all the causes of the problems and suggested improvements to making our roads safer, which is what we all want, including 20mph speed limits on certain roads.

The map we were sent by the council showing a blanket coverage of the town and its proposed 20mph area was ridiculous and never going to get a majority vote.

Firstly, Duncan Kay and now E. Stevens, have not helped their cause by accusing voters of being misled by false claims and insulted us by suggesting that we are not able to make up our own minds having read either website or not.

We are, of course, entitled to choose any alternative route at any time which can make the journey shorter, whether in mileage or elapsed time.

For E. Stevens and his so-called ‘rat runners’ benefit I would like to suggest a trial along St Lawrence Avenue of double yellow lines to the south side along its entire length.

The road has a school at one end, a health centre at the other, and a school crossing patrol in the middle.

It has plenty of off-street parking, but is still plagued by haphazard and inconsiderate parking on both sides.

The road already has speed humps and this suggestion would allow for improved visibility along the road for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

M. Mills

Mayfield Close


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