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Your letters

In the 21st century, in the age of the smart phone, social networking and increased travel, it makes sense that consumers should be entitled to use the internet abroad for free.

And last year it looked like this was going to happen for us. Despite the Tories voting against and UKIP failing to turn up, Liberal Democrat MEPs led the calls for the abolishment of roaming fees by December 2015 and the parliament voted in favour.

But all this progress has now been undone by the EU Council which has scrapped plans for the ban. This is a blow to consumers who should be able to go online wherever they are in Europe and not be penalised with excessive charges.

I’m delighted to hear Lib Dem Euro-MP Catherine Bearder and her party group in Europe, ALDE, are challenging the decision taken by ministers from each member country and fighting to get consumers a fairer deal.

But I fear the Tories, UKIP and now the member country ministers in the EU Council are prioritising big businesses over the consumers they are elected to represent.

Steve Martin

Monks Close


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