Rose-tinted glasses?

“WONDERFUL Worthing with all its fine features” – a quote from Mrs Smith’s letter in the Herald.

All I can say is, Mrs Smith, you must be wearing rose-tinted glasses.

We have lost the boating lake, Peter Pan’s Playground, the paddling pool and tennis courts all along the esplanade.

The public conveniences are a disgrace, due to no longer having a resident attendant.

Shops are closing every week, due to high-cost parking, driving people away in droves.

Many historic buildings are being demolished, just to be turned into flats.

I, too, have lived in Worthing all of my 60-plus years.

The Half Brick (a landmark) is being turned into eight flats, with nine parking spaces.

If each flat is occupied by a couple, each running a car, where are the other seven cars going to park?

Teville Gate – what an eyesore. Will that ever be developed?

It’s an ideal site for a multiplex cinema, or ice rink, both of which would bring revenue into the town.

Rub the sleep from your eyes, Mrs Smith. This town is grim, fast turning into a ghost town, run by dinosaur councillors.

Mrs C. Price

Ham Road