Royally cared for

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REGARDING L. Donaldson’s reply to mine (Herald, June 16) about the right of patients to choose which hospital they are cared for in – if she is happy at Worthing, fine.

And if A. Thomas puts great store on a ward of his own and angels to care for him, ok, too.

Me? Well, having just had my caring GP tell me without hesitation that I had a very serious non-operative condition, I immediately thought which hospital could help me most. Obviously, one which specialised in the part of me that was affected. My GP did not see eye-to-eye with me. Worthing was his choice – a general hospital. The Royal Brompton was mine.

I wanted what I considered the best – not angels. I fought my corner and I cannot speak highly enough of the Royal Brompton.

I had CT scans there – every appointment on time. X-rays – on time. Consultant’s appointment – on time. No waiting, no rudeness, just pleasant, hard-working people (whether they were angels, I don’t know), but they were super.

Jill Pounds

Hamble Gardens