Rumbling saga

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Your letters

The Teville Gate saga rumbles on without any outcome, meanwhile the site sits decaying, looking more like something from war torn Syria as opposed to a gateway into our beautiful and thriving seaside town.

As we all agree, the current half-demolished dilapidated concrete wasteland of Teville Gate is an eyesore, and a terrible advertisement for our town to the many tourists, and visitors who are confronted with it once they step off the train at Worthing, first impressions matter!

It is fantastic to see community volunteers offering to tidy up the site, but I feel that something more drastic needs to happen with the site.

It could be possible for the council to lease the land and demolish the Teville Gate eyesore and have the land as either a flat car park, green space or a mix of the two.

The site can then be given back to / sold on to developers once they have got their act and investment together to actually start work on the site.

This would create a space that could be potentially useful for however many years it will take to get the ball rolling with the development (it has already been a ridiculously long time) and remove an eyesore that damages our town’s reputation as well as being a hotspot for suicides and anti-social behaviour.

Worthing is currently undergoing something of a renaissance, let us move forwards and embrace it by finally ridding our town of this grim monument to bleakness, otherwise nothing will change for another ten years.

Rory O’Brien

Northcourt Road,


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