Sad at closure

On Friday, the WRVS Teabar in the North Wing of Worthing Hospital closed its shutters for the last time.

The teabar has been serving teas and coffees to staff and patients alike for around 40 years.

Who are the nameless bureaucrats who make these decisions without regard to the many people that will be affected?

Rumour has it that the teabar will be replaced by vending machines.

Machines can’t chat about the weather, people’s dogs, holidays looked forward to and taken.

Machines can’t share the joy of one customer who had just had a cataract operation and could see colours again.

Machines won’t receive boxes of Roses chocolate from grateful customers.

Machines can’t make a cup of tea or coffee exactly to a person’s liking or help a frail patient to get to their seat.

What is this world coming to that the little things in life no longer matter?

Sue Haynes

ex-tea lady

Mill Lane