Sad fall from grace

I HAVE lived in Worthing for over 10 years now and am Sussex born and bred.

As a child, in the 70s, our family used to love coming to Worthing at the weekends for leisure and shopping and I have very fond memories of it. At that time, we lived in Hove.

Worthing attracted us because it was easier and cheaper to park than in Brighton or Hove and there were great amenities for kids, such as Peter Pan’s and Brooklands, and great shopping for the grown-ups.

How sad now that the town is so down-at-heel.

Of course, there are many economic factors that have contributed to the decline but I would like to comment on the impact of the council’s parking policy.

Worthing Borough Council should be ashamed of themselves and should be held to account over this issue.

The parking charges in Worthing represent poor value for money and are keeping people out of the town. It is as simple as that.

When I need to come into town these days, I plan my visit very carefully to maximise the time I can stay in a free car parking space. Usually, this means I have to be in and out within a couple of hours.

In effect, this means no time to stop for a coffee or to spend more time browsing in shops I pass, where I may be tempted to spend.

My visits to Worthing have become mainly functional rather than a leisure or pleasure activity.

Roy Jeffrey, in last week’s Herald, urges the council to do something before it is too late.

I would like to reiterate this on behalf of those residents of Worthing who are fed-up feeling they have to go elsewhere to spend their leisure time and money.

Stuart Gladwell

Crockhurst Hill