Sad return of native

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I WAS born in Worthing and, since having to leave the town many years ago, it has always held a place in my heart.

There are so many chilhood memories that have made me smile. Of chalets and time spent on the beach and at Peter Pan’s Playground.

Recently, after a long break, I was able to visit the town and was looking forward to spending some time there.

The first hint that anything was not as I had hoped was the landlady’s insistence that we were VERY careful to display the parking permit or else we WOULD be fined.

The bed and breakfast was tucked away on a side street, so this seemed rather extreme.

On the next evening, we looked for a place to visit.

Maybe a nice restaurant or watch a movie and, in the end, we opted to go to the Pavilion Theatre.

Can you imagine our horror as, across the road, there was a poor car user surrounded by several parking enforcement officers (if, indeed, that is what they call them), at least one of whom was wielding a camera.

Bear in mind we do not know Worthing and had trouble finding a “safe” place to stop.

When my wife stopped the car, so that I could sort out times and costs, one of the officers came RUNNING across the road.

Honestly, it felt as if we were visiting a police state, that it was a scene from George Orwell’s 1984. She was only dropping me off; we were not intending to park there.

When I lived in the town, it was pleasant and attracted holidaymakers. If this is the kind of treatment people can expect to receive, then I, and probably many others, will, with great sadness, think twice about returning.

Andy Swain


NE Lincs