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Your letters

Regarding the front page story in this week’s Lancing Herald (Village centre in need of a big revival), unless and until the issue of parking in the village centre is sorted out, traders are on a hiding to nothing.

I have been banging on about this for years. I am one of the few remaining people who does try to shop locally, despite all the local council’s efforts to prevent this.

Charging for the car parks. Okay, it’s not a lot, but I can tell you categorically, people will not pay to park in Lancing.

There is talk of two extra spaces outside the bank, but more than that were removed with the silly pinch points put in a couple of years ago.

I know weather has been against the local road and pavement contractors, but to have one car park out of use and several other spaces taken up by their lorries is not exactly helping.

The spaces that are there currently need to be marked out as individual spaces, not just a long line of parking, so instead of three or four carelessly parked cars you get the full capacity of seven or eight. And I think the café owner who says a two-hour limit instead of one could also have a point.

Bringing back the disc parking in the three local car parks would help enormously.

Look at these to start with, and if people can park they will start to come back into the village. Otherwise, just give it up and let it be a ghost centre.

Wendy Taylor

Manor Road


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