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I read with interest the changes made to Durrington High School’s uniform and some of the comments made by parents (Worthing Herald, September 18).

Having gone through this process as a parent myself, along with the costs involved of new/amended uniform, I can share some sympathy with parents. However, at the end of the day, Durrington High School is a business and enterprise school and not a fashion parade. Students are there to learn in what is a relatively short time at school, and it’s a sad state of affairs when students are self-concious about body image and not liking ‘baggy-style’ trousers. You wonder what will be next, students being traumatised due to having to wear the uniform and it subsequently affecting their exam results?!

We have all been there ourselves as parents – with ‘cardboard’ collar shirts, itchy-material trousers with bulk standard shoes – and did we complain to our parents about our image ? No, we just got on with it and changed into whatever we wanted to at the end of the day.

It’s a good uniform, students need to enjoy the four years that they are there, as it will go very quickly, and worrying about ‘the look’ should be the last thing on their minds.

Mr D. Slade

Kennet Close


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