Schools overflowing

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WHAT a wonderful letter from the Rev John Chitham in last week’s Herald, regarding the school admissions chaos in Worthing.

It is reassuring that our local schools are so committed to serving the community. In contrast, what a shame that West Sussex County Council has shown so little commitment to our children.

Mr Chitham cites the problems with the first and middle school system, problems that West Sussex was asked to address by Ofsted more than 10 years ago. The county council has spent millions bringing schools up-to-date in the rest of the county, but there are no plans to address the problems in Worthing.

It seems that the county council is happy to educate “on the cheap” in Worthing, using an outdated system which Ofsted told it 10 years ago was failing children. Our youngest children in Worthing are taught in huge institutions, with up to six full classes per year group, presumably to maintain the small primaries in the “leafier” parts of the county.

P. Buchanan

Rowlands Road