Sea lawnmowers

I must write to point out that Colin Haydon Smith has missed one vital point regarding the lack of Worthing seaweed (Looking Back, Herald, August 29).

I agree that the pair trawlers act as a sea lawnmower, keeping the seaweed at bay, not giving it a chance to grow.

That may be good for visitors to the beach, but the real issue is the fact that an entire marine environment is being destroyed.

The weed washed up after a sou’westerly blow in the 1970s and ’80s was predominantly kelp. This kelp is a rich breeding ground and safe haven for many species of fish. Many of these species are either in decline locally, or already gone. I am glad Mr Smith is now able to find a patch of sand to dig his worms, but, unfortunately, the only fish he’ll be eating for his tea will be one sold in a supermarket, imported from another country.

Damian Evans

Nutley Crescent