Seagulls causing a nuisance

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I would like to reply to the fireman’s comment about seagulls (Herald, May 16).

Obviously, he has never had a seagull nest on his roof like I have. They are noisy, dirty and very aggressive.

I couldn’t go out into my back garden for about two months last year, while the chicks were small.

The seagull dive-bombed me every time I tried, screaming like a banshee. It also attacked my neighbours, too!

They have strong beaks and can give a nasty peck.

Even though I had netting and spikes put up to stop them this year, they have still persisted in trying to nest.

Three times I have had a professional come to remove the nest, at a cost I can ill afford, but I don’t want them attacking my great-grandchildren when they visit me. How dare he say you shouldn’t live by the sea if you don’t like seagulls, and that we’ve invaded their space?

What about all the seagulls inland?! It’s because people will feed them and they have no fear of stealing food out of your hand. They don’t live off the sea any more!

It’s about time something was done, as they are growing and multiplying at an alarming rate.

I did ring the council and the only advice they could give was to hold up an umbrella everytime I went out.

Rather difficult when trying to peg out the washing or mow the lawn!

I suppose someone will have to get seriously injured (unfortunately, most likely a child) before the council takes notice!

Diane Higgs

The Drive