Search for actor Nic

Lucia is searching for Nic from Worthing
Lucia is searching for Nic from Worthing

MY name is Lucia, I am Italian and I live in London. The reason I am writing this is because I met a man from Worthing on Friday, March 4, in a bar in Brighton.

We both really liked each other, but for some reason we did not exchange our phone numbers and I now regret it very much.

Unfortunately, I have little details about him – his name is Nic (Nicholas), he is 40 and he is an actor. He said that he had to go back to Worthing the next morning because he had to act in two plays the same day (March 5).

Nic was in Brighton visiting his best friend John, who he hadn’t seen for more than a year. I was with my best friend Federica when we met them in a bar called Madame Geisha in the centre of Brighton.

I have been trying to get any sort of information on the internet about it but I was not able to find anything at all.

I know all of this might seem very silly but I would like to ask if anyone could put me in touch with him. If so, please email

Lucia Della Ghella