Seaside ghost town

JUST how long will it be before there will be nothing to do in Worthing and it becomes another seaside ghost town?

Is it not time to start making something of the Worthing area?

Recently, I have been driving past the old London and Edinburgh building at Grove Lodge and have visions of it being a fun place to be.

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with making it into some form of leisure complex, a place with many functions?

There is an incredible amount of land at Grove Lodge for a hotel, conference facilities, restaurant, bar, cinema, fun park for the kids, ice rink, tenpin, swimming pool with slides, dry ski slope, etc., etc.

So much potential and, if it is done correctly, who wouldn’t want to go just out of sheer curiosity? The site already has a fair amount of parking, with the potential of an overspill.

Almost every other town locally is trying to redevelop, with some success.

Shoreham has the Ropetackle Centre, Littlehampton is shedding the reputation it has had and is becoming a nice place to be, and Chichester has the Cineworld complex.

All of these, in terms of size and population, are inferior to Worthing yet people here complain there is nothing to do. Are they right? Of course they are.

So what I am really enquiring is just what is being planned for the old London and Edinburgh site.

Housing? That would have to fit in with the local area, which is the more exclusive end of the market.

Shopping? The one thing that isn’t needed is another out-of-town supermarket.

It would be lovely if someone stepped in with a vision to match their bank account and vice-versa.

It would be lovely if the powers- that-be who had the final say, took a chance and said “yes”. Just think of how many jobs it could create.

The way things are currently going, you will not be able to park anywhere near the shops or venues of the town centre and, even if you could, there won’t be anything left open once you’ve paid to leave to car.

I care about Worthing, but why should we care about a town so set on self-destruction?

I am a dreamer, but you have to speculate sometimes.

Come on, Worthing, do yourself proud and do something productive with some currently dead land.

Steve Lovell

Cokeham Lane