Secular or not?

ELAINE Ansell (letters, February 23) seems to suggest that all institutions, be it government, local government, schools etc., should be secular.

Members of British Humanist Association (BHA) etc. say they are “uncomfortable” if prayers are said and, therefore, it appears their views must take precedence over everyone who has a faith of any description. Can anyone imagine the Remembrance Service being “secular”. What would be the point?

Elaine suggests “one law for all regardless of colour, religion etc.,”. I hope she will volunteer her services to the government to go to all Muslim schools and tell them they must not say prayers. At least Muslims have the courage to stand up for the right to their religion. BHA etc., seem more intent on removing Christian prayers, than directing their spleen at other religions.

Elaine, and all who agree with her, should look to their own and allow others to do the same.

Rosemary Dinning

Russell Close