Seeing double

I’M a motorist.

Love driving, have a little soft-top.

I’ve just been driving along a very busy Goring seafront on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

And despite my love of motoring I’ve been amazed at how many people park on double yellow lines.

For example, a camper – probably a visitor.

Taking up fat yards and yards of double yellow on a cramped corner.

Causing all sorts of traffic grief.

And it wasn’t alone, there were dozens of ‘I don’t care’ parkers from the Pier westwards.

Not a warden in sight. Try that in Chapel Road!

How can it be right to let selfish oafs park freely like this for hours, while slamming high parking charges and penalties on people who actually live and work in Worthing?

Come on, Worthing Council, NCP, the police, whoever.

If you must charge high prices, enforce them fairly.

One law for the locals AND the visitors, and let’s keep to it!

Mike Blackwell

Marine Parade