Seeing the positive

I AM writing to comment on the letter by Anne Farra of Orme Road.

Not originally coming from Worthing, I can maybe see the positive that a Worthingite cannot.

I have lived in Worthing for three years, and feel that the comments made by this lady are unjust. There are several coffee shops, or places to have coffee with views of the sea and beach. I refer to the Burlington Hotel that does lovely coffee (not mentioning cocktails). There is also the Pavilion coffeee rooms and several little coffee shops in Worthing, one in the centre near TK Maxx, in fact. There is also the Tangerine Bar.

I would like to personally offer to take Anne out and show her the delights of Worthing. But if you see are not satified with Worthing and prefer Eastbourne, I suggest you move there.

Kelly De Conceicao Silva

Heene Road