Sewage subversion

ASDA’s proposal to discharge its sewage into the Ferring Rife is truly bizarre.

It is trying to put the clock back 200 years, to a time when any business would consider it normal to discharge its waste into the nearest watercourse.

The construction of an effective system of collecting and treating sewage was one of the great achievements of the 19th century.

More recently, billions of pounds have been spent to improve the treatment of sewage and to discharge it far out at sea, so that beaches have become clean.

Now, ASDA wants to subvert this progress. Its sewage would contaminate our local stream and then spread over our local beach. These retrograde and unhygienic results derive from a company that wants us to buy goods from it.

Its managers appear to be so focused on reducing costs that they cannot see the harm they are doing to their company’s reputation, and the doubts they are sowing in people’s minds about ASDA’s standards.

If it is ready to subvert accepted practices over the treatment of sewage to save a few thousand pounds, what other standards is it willing to subvert to save a bit of money?

If ASDA’s management wishes to salvage the company’s reputation, it will withdraw the application to discharge sewage into the Rife and apologise to local residents for making this proposal.

David Sawers

Seaview Avenue

East Preston