Shameful cutbacks

LAST Friday, a protest was held in Chichester which brought together hundreds of disabled people, angry at the decisions by West Sussex County Council to close day centres and remove social care support from people with “moderate” needs.

At a meeting afterwards, county councillors debated the issues after an amazing 20,000-strong petition was submitted.

During that debate, I was appalled to hear Steve Waight (Conservative, Goring) stand up and defend the Tory administration’s policy of holding on to its millions in reserves, rather than continuing to support very vulnerable people in our community.

Steve Waight has his head in the sand and refuses to see the damage he is doing. Some disabled people’s conditions will deteriorate because of these cuts, and some, inevitably, will die. Councillor Waight refuses to face up to this fact, and his responsibilities to represent those vulnerable people, not just the affluent residents in his ward.

The stories of those who will lose their care support over the coming year will be told.

It is then to be hoped that the voters of Goring will turf Steve Waight out of office at the next opportunity, as well as county councillors John Livermore, Nicola Waight and Clem Stevens, who also turned their backs on disabled people last Friday.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Alan Hodgson

York Road