Shared concern

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I share Paul Yallop’s alarm to discover that at £1.5million, Worthing’s on-road parking charges constitute more than 50 per cent of West Sussex ’s annual parking revenue.

Or put another way, 13 per cent per cent of the West Sussex population is being made to pay over 50 per cent of the county’s on-road parking charges.

This is manifestly unjust and a massive insult to the people of Worthing.

We should most certainly demand an explanation from West Sussex County Council for its totally unacceptable conduct.

Similarly, if it proves to be the case that this revenue has not been ring-fenced for re-investment in the town then, in my view, WSCC is demonstrably running an extortion racket.

The current traffic management and parking in the town centre is undoubtedly the worst in West Sussex, and desperately needs investment if the proposed regeneration of Worthing town centre is to become a reality.

Regeneration without investment in infrastructure is just delusory.

We are being cheated.

Bill Hammon

St Andrew’s Road