Shock and disbelief

I WRITE to express my shock and disbelief on reading the article in the Worthing Herald on April 5, regarding a recent licensing committee meeting during which the licence of the Best One store, in Ham Road, Worthing, was suspended following sales of counterfeit wine and vodka containing “industrial alcohol”.

The committee stated that “this case was particularly serious and found the licence holder to be totally irresponsible”. 

West Sussex County Council trading standards officers, supported by Sussex Police, recommended a suspension of three months.

On closer study, I read that the licensing committee had suspended the licence for only two months.

If, as stated by the licensing committee, the offence was considered to be so particularly serious – WHY did the committee choose to issue a shorter suspension?

What sort of message does the council send to the public by this action? What was the reasoning behind the judgement?

As a local resident, who is already alarmed at the increase in licensed premises within the area, I would like to know what rationale the council licensing committee have for their judgements, as they do not appear to be following any professional advice offered by trading standards officers or the police.

Lynette Bickers

Ophir Road