‘Shocking’ turnout for local elections

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IT is shocking to see the turnout for voting this year was so low.

When we look back over time and see that people like Emily Pankhurst fought for our right to vote, and people even these days are dying in other countries for democracy and we have it and people don’t vote!

I am sure that if someone asked for £150 of someone’s monthly salary to spend how they wished for them, people would say forget it.

Yet this is what we do when we pay for council tax each month and don’t vote.

Is it that people don’t understand what the local councillors do for us or is it they can’t be bothered?

These days, there is no excuse not to vote as it is made so easy considering now you don’t even have to go to a polling station.

At the age of 34 I am proud to vote yet people who I have spoken to think it is strange to care about it so much.

Maybe we need to re-educate people about why we vote.

Emma Taylor

Wigmore Road