Shoreham development plans lack sufficient off-street parking

The development of the Cecil Norris site in Ravens Road, Shoreham, will produce much-needed social housing for rent.

It will include 13 flats and two maisonettes but parking for only five cars, two of which will be disabled spaces.

Cecil Norris House in Ravens Road, Shoreham. Picture: Google Images

Cecil Norris House in Ravens Road, Shoreham. Picture: Google Images

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The transport study done by the developers concludes that there will be no difficulty in finding on-road parking places for the additional cars. Their analysis is inaccurate.

Comments were made about only observing parking on the south side of Hebe Road and that spaces were available on the north side.

Do they know that this is a bus route, that no one ever parks on the north side?

A comment was also made that an additional 36 cars could be accommodated on Grand Avenue. Where is Grand Avenue?

These are just two examples of the inaccuracies and distortion of the level of available parking spaces.

The West Sussex Local Transport Plan states that on and off-street parking in Adur is insufficient to meet local demand. So if it is already insufficient, will the council insist on more parking places being provided on site for the additional cars? Or do they expect that the residents will not own cars?

The brown speckled hen brickwork and box-like design are not in keeping with the development’s proximity to the Shoreham conservation area. It is similar to the initial design, by the same architects, for the Howard Kent development along Brighton Road.

When questioned at the consultation evening about the reasoning behind such a dark, box-like design, the reply was that it was in keeping with the industrial history of the harbour. So why is a similar style being used in a residential area?

There have been 42 letters of objection to this development, AWDM/1742/18.

The lack of parking, design and overdevelopment should be reconsidered by the council before the planning meeting on February 11, which is open to the public.

Barb O’Kelly

Fairfield Close



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