Signs of the times

FIGURES produced by Worthing Borough Council show that parking fines are running at 30,000 each year.

I wonder how many of these are the result of ambiguous and confusing signs. I was caught in interpreting parking being allowed for one hour mid-morning and one hour mid- afternoon, whereas this was for permit holders only, and the general public could park at any other time.

Confusingly, there were other parking signs on the same road with different parking times and, within a few paces, ticket machines.

When I contested the fine with the parking contractor to the council, it stated that the signs were in accordance with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 and that it was the responsibility of the driver to ensure that these were observed.

There are no such signs shown in the Highway Code. In looking at the Traffic Signs Regulations on the internet, there is not an exact match.

Furthermore, permit-holder-only times focus on rush-hour periods, not mid-morning and mid- afternoon. The sign in question is shown over a wide and expanding area of Worthing.

G. Sullivan

Hills Road