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I use the recycling facility at Willowbrook Road, East Worthing every Sunday and have to put up with ridiculous behaviour from fellow users when I try to use the second lane.

I have spoken with the employees there and they tell me that both lanes should be used. Yet whenever people attempt to use the second lane, the people all dutifully lining up in the first lane become annoyed at what they perceive to be queue jumping.

What usually happens is that one car will move from the inside lane to block the second lane. This can get very serious and I have seen angry exchanges between car drivers that can become very threatening.

This is happening on council property and they have a duty of care towards those who are using the facility. People should be able to feel safe, not threatened, yet the staff have been advised to stand back and do nothing.

When there is a serious incident someone will be able to sue the council for their lack of concern, their carelessness and their failure to protect the public, having been made aware of the potential problems.

I suggested to the council that all they have to do is put a sign up at the entrance at the recycling centre stating ‘use both lanes at all times’.

This simple solution will solve the problem, pre-empt any crisis and stop the threatening and abusive behaviour that the staff there tell me happens all the time.

John Caddick

Oval Waye,


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