Situation is a ‘nightmare’

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I am a resident in Lyndhurst Road, I agree the parking situation is a nightmare. Meadow Road at the junction with Ham Road is chock-a-block with cars parked half on the pavement, also the same in Ham Road with cars half on the pavement all the way down to the seafront. The junction where Meadow Road meets Ham Road is unbelievable, there are large vans and cars constantly having to reverse back up Meadow Road as all the vehicle on the pavements make it impossible to get through. They are also parked around the junction of Archibald Road, and there is a bend in the road at this point and visibility is at a minimum.

If you are a pedestrian or a cyclist trying to negotiate this area at just after 5pm on weekdays when everyone on the industrial estate leaves work, you take your life in your hands. Your article about this situation states that commuters park in Ham Road all day, but quite a few of the cars there I recognise as cars that used to park in Lyndhurst Road, which I might add has plenty of empty spaces going to waste during the day as does Chester Avenue. I understood the CPZ was to benefit residents, which it probably does if you don’t go to work, if you do work you are no better off after having paid for your permit, as by the time you come home from work all the spaces outside your house are still all full and you have no where to park, as the restricted hours finish at 3pm, so I ask the question, how does it benefit us?

Jeannie Bradshaw

Lyndhurst Road,