Slow uptake

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So, borough council leader Paul Yallop is concerned about the impact Worthing’s Controlled Parking Zone is having on the town’s economy (Herald, February 14).

Where has he been for the past few years?


Running a council elsewhere?

The Herald and numerous contributors to this column have been expressing the very concerns of Mr Yallop since the introduction of the current parking regime; yet they seem news to him.

What is even more concerning is that our council leader was unaware how much money had been generated from parking fees or whether any of the money has been reinvested in Worthing!

All of this has happened on Mr Yallop’s watch.

What has Mr Yallop been doing since being elected to the council if not overseeing the running of the town?

You may accuse me of cynicism, but I think Mr Yallop’s concerns have more to do with forthcoming local elections than the plight of the town centre.

Alan Budgen

Alinora Crescent