Smiling stranger

MAY I, through your newspaper, extend grateful thanks to one of the kindest people it has been my pleasure to meet – he modestly gave his name only as “Ricky”. My husband and I regard him as an angel in a business suit.

We were exploring the town, having come from London to visit the Dora Gordine exhibition at Worthing Museum. As it grew darker, we realised we were lost, having arrived only a few hours earlier.

Trying to hail a cab to get back to our hotel, a smiling stranger approached us and asked if we were all right. We must have looked utterly exhausted as the charm of the place drew us on and we lost awareness of our own frailty (my husband is in his 90s).

He explained a taxi could only be had from a rank or pre-arranged booking. He was just about to give directions to the nearest taxi rank, when he told us to wait while he got his car.

He picked us up within minutes and took us to our hotel, negotiating the one-way system as a native would. When I suggested he wasn’t even going to take his car out, he assured us he had come from work and was going home and he made so little of it.

However, this generous gesture of kindness and understanding will never be forgotten by us. Of course, we thanked him verbally and also rather emotionally I’m afraid. We would love him to know of our appreciation and admiration and how much it enhanced our visit to your town.

If this letter is published and he identifies himself, we would be delighted.

Edna Martin