Smoother progress

I HAD doubts initially about a default (NB. not blanket) 20mph limit because of reasons already quoted such as other drivers getting impatient and overtaking – well, they do this anyway at 30, 40, 60, 70.

It’s stating the obvious that some will always drive too fast, no matter what the limit, so if a lower limit at least reminds everyone how very vulnerable those outside the metal structure are it will make for more thoughtful driving.

Similarly needing to drive in a lower gear, so consuming more fuel and producing more CO2 is a concern, but the majority consume much more petrol than necessary anyway, by needlessly accelerating and braking. A lower limit should smooth this out.

Once you look at the statistics for death and injury you see how convincing it is for 20 to be the norm on roads where children, adults and animals live. I’m sure others noticed the story about the two-year-old being taken to hospital after a traffic accident, published the same time as the 20s Plenty front page photo. We don’t know how speed featured but it’s a reminder, the same as the motor cyclist hospitalised this week.

There is an argument with evidence in its favour that everyone would be much more careful if there were no road markings at all. This has actually been tried successfully in a residential area, but maybe that’s a thought for the future, given the irrational outpourings this campaign is causing amongst those opposed.

Pamela Kelly

Richmond Road