So many thanks

It is nice to see Dr Charles Shlosberg is being nominated again for Community Awards.

I was fortunate enough to be a patient of his for 15 years and I found him to be very caring and often felt he gave you attention above his necessary duty.

I moved flats a year ago and was very worried about finding another surgery to equal his, as he was on his own and I never saw another doctor unless he was on holiday. I signed with Worthing Medical Centre, Shelley Road, a very different surgery, with many different doctors and quite a few nurses. Also a clinic for different procedures.

During this year I had difficult surgery and had to call the medical centre on several occasions when I returned home, both for home visits and appointments. Although I didn’t always see the same doctor I have nothing but praise for all the staff, from the receptionists, nurses and the doctors, one of whom I reckon saved my life by diagnosing I may have picked up a DVT and got me a prompt appointment for a scan, and immediate treatment when it was confirmed.

I am not quite out of the woods yet, but I would like to thank each and everyone at the Shelley Road Surgery (not forgetting the pathology department at Worthing Hospital) for their care and attention.

Shirley Western Dew

Dolphin Court