Solution to strikes

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MAY I suggest a simple solution to those parents concerned about the cost to them and their children of the public sector strike?

Each school has five training days to use through the year. It should be possible for one of the remaining days to be reallocated as a teaching day thus restoring the lost days education to the pupils and saving parents the financial costs involved.

This would probably have to be authorised by somebody in the government so perhaps concerned parents could petition our local MP to act on their behalf, after all, that is what he is there for.

Training days used to be occasional days to be allocated at the discretion of head teachers, usually in my experience placed at either end of half-terms to give flexibility in holiday arrangements.

Then, along came nice Mr Baker who insisted that they must be placed well clear of all holidays. This was part of the great education revolution that produced the “one size only fits nobody” national curriculum and GCSE which now apparently Mr Gove is not very happy with. Join the club! Most teachers have not been happy with it since its inception, and this despite it having undergone more changes in its life than costumes in a Danny La Rue revue.

Is there any hope this lot might get it right? In a word, NO.

Paul LeCount

Stonehurst Road