Some sympathy

IN response to Jo Allison’s letter last week regarding parking.

Certainly, I understand her grievance over her traumatic experience, and her annoyance over her long wait at the hospital which was “out of her hands”, but the fact is that most appointments run over time, and sometimes no one is really to blame.

It is surely up to the driver to allow for delays and adjust plans accordingly.

I, too, am disabled, and have had many appointments at the hospital in the last three years.

In that time I have found friends who are more than willing to drop me off, and I phone when I’m finished and they pick me up.

As for feeling distressed, if you had someone to accompany you, it would while away the time and help you to relax and not worry whether you were over-staying your parking time.

I had a parking fine a little while ago, because I forgot to display my badge! How annoying was that?

I paid and put it down to experience.

We do live in a bureaucratic society, but there is very little point when you are of a frail and weakened condition in fighting these people. Parking is a huge problem, and the powers that be will never please everybody.

Blue badges are a lovely bonus in my opinion, but they are not God and can’t get you out of paying the fine if breaching the regulations.

I suggest you just pay up and, like me, put it down to experience.

Julie Moon

Broadwater Street East